Our Breeding Dogs

Hillcrest Doodles breeding dogs are Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles with pedigrees from lines of health tested parents registered with ALAA and WALA Labradoodles registries.


Sophie 9 months


Name:  Bedrock's Sophie of Hillcrest

ALAA registration #ALAA-088147

Sire: Tualatin River's Back in a Flash

Dam: Loveable Labradoodles Delaney

Color:  Red

Coat: Fleece

Size: medium 18 inches 28 lbs

Health Clearances:  Hips Good, Patella’s normal, CERF clear normal, PRA PRCD WT/WT, EIC normal

When you think of puppy dog eyes.... that's Sophie!  With her beautiful brown eyes she draws people to her. She lives with a guardian family that delights in her fun personality.  Being smart as a whip made her training easy. This girl loves to swim in the pool on hot summer days and carries her toys around the house.  She has passed on her great conformation and good looks and wonderful temperament to her puppies.



Thank you Maggie of Bedrock Labradoodles for this lovely addition to our program.



Name:  Gorgeousdoodles Heart of Gold Tess

ALAA registration #:ALAA-079068

Sire: GorgeousDoodles Grand Sundance

Dam: Blue Ridge Gorgeous Crimson Clover

Color: Caramel Red

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: Mini 17 inches 28 lbs

Health Clearances:  Hips Good, Patella’s normal, CERF clear normal, PRA PRCD WT/WT, EIC normal

Oh Tess!  What's not to love about this girl.  This girl loves to snuggle more than the average dog. She really is an old soul, she is super mellow and has a go with the flow  attitude making her a joy to be around.  She had a nice solid build and carries for parti

Moonlit Acres Biscuit

Name:  Moonlit Acres Biscuit

ALAA registration #:ALAA-055507

Sire: Moonlit Acres Giorgio Armani  ALAA-091038

Dam: Hill's West Tazo  ALAA-046524

Color: Caramel / White Parti

Coat:  Fleece

Size: Mini 18 inches 30lbs estimated maturity

Health Clearances:  Pending

Biscuit has a kind temperament and lovely fleece coat, great confirmation and as adorable as can be.   She is energetic and loves other dogs and kids.  She lives with her guardian family that adores her!   We look forward to her first litter.

Thank you Dana at Moonlit Acres Labradoodles for parting with this lovely puppy and allowing us to add her to our program!

Brookside Sunday Best

Name:  Brookside Sunday Best    SUNDAY

ALAA registration:  ALAA-098866

Sire: Moonlit Acres Oscar de la Renta  ALAA-071017

Dam: Brookside Royal Princess Roya ALAA-059293

Color:  Red with white markings

Coat:  Fleece

Size: Medium 18 inches 28 lbs maturity

Health Clearances: PRA -prcd clear,  VWD clear, EIC clear, OFA good

Thank you Bonnie at Brookside Labradoodles for this little jewel!

Sunday is the best!  She is medium sized with red fleece coat and just easy to be around.  She is incredibly smart and makes training easy and rewarding.  She lives with her guardian family and one other doodles that she plays with all day long.  We love her kind eyes and gentle nature she is sure to pass that along to her puppies.


Henry grand canyon


Name:  Barksdale Sir Henry of Hillcrest

ALAA registration # ALAA-097102

Sire:  Made in Holland Roger

Dam: Barksdale's Stella Crunch

Color: Red

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: Mini 17 inches 22 lbs estimate as maturity

Health Clearances:  PRA-prcd tested carrier, VWD normal clear, EIC normal clear,  DM norma clear, hips good

Barksdale Sir Henry of Hillcrest is a dream come true for our program.  This photogenic mini red future stud muffin will mature to approximately 24 pounds.  Henry has it all, with handsome looks, lusciously coat and calm temperament!  He is highly intelligent and makes wonderful eye contact and his training is coming a long great!  He has a happy bounce to him when he plays, he can wave Hi and spin on command.  He lives with our daughter Alicia and her family.  Henry is pending completion of his health testing.

Thank you Barksdale Labradoodles for this wonderful boy.







Gorgeousdoodles Li’l Bit Indiana aka Indy is loads of fun in a little package.  A Mini  Muli-Generational Australian Labradoodle. weighing 16 pounds and 15 inches at the shoulder.  Her luxurious allergy-friendly non-shedding red coat with white markings is super soft loose curl fleece.  People stop and marvel at her size and color when we are out and about. She is super sweet and mellow.  We nicknamed her “Wiggles” since she wiggles from nose to tail when she gets excited.  Indy is such a great companion dog.   She is super affectionate, enjoys travel and makes us laugh everyday with her adorable little antics.



Name:  GorgeousDoodles Hillcrest Allie

ALAA registration #:ALAA-055507

Sire: GorgeousDoodles Charmer Theodore

Dam: Blue Ridge Gorgeous Fancy Fantabulous

Color: Caramel / White

Coat: Curly Fleece

Size: Mini 15 inches 20lbs

Allie girl is our first doodles.  She is athletic and smart and very intuitive.  She will relax and chill in the house, then be ready for fun anytime we are.  She loves her ball and sometimes carries it around and brings it to us and puts it in our hand when she decides it's time to play.   She is the most loving and attentive mama dog.  She loves motherhood so much that she adopts any puppy she sees!


We are currently taking reservations for up coming litters. For pricing and details please refer to our puppy package page.