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History of the
Australian Labradoodles

Wally Conron of the Australian Royal Guide Dog Association set out in the 1980’s to breed a non-allergenic guide dog and the log process of breeding the perfect began.  The goal was a non-shedding, allergy friendly, and intelligent dog that would exhibit the finest genetically healthy strains from both the English Labrador and a Swedish Poodles breeds. Australian Labradoodles as bred specifically to capture specific qualities like non-shedding hypoallergenic, non-smelling, wonderful companion and family dogs with guide dog temperaments.  The original Labradoodles we bred specifically as guide dogs for the blind and they proved to be exceptional service dogs.

What is important is that the original Labradors were specifically English and the Poodles Wally Conron used to create the Australian Labradoodles were also vigorously health tested for years in order the create the acceptable traits.  Therefore, it is important to understand that a properly bred Labradoodles should have many generations of breeding should ideally have genetic roots back to the original Labradoodle lines.

In addition to having practical purposes as an excellent guide dog, people quickly became impressed with the wonderful disposition, intelligence, gentle good nature, loyalty and beauty of the dog.

Today there are many so called designer doodles available but the huge difference with Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles are older established breed with an interesting history that hypoallergenic service dogs for the blind.  The dogs they used were English Labradors and Swedish Poodles and were all health tested lines.  They were careful to only choose exceptional dogs to further the breed for the breed standard, conformation and temperament – they named the breed “Labradoodles”.  During the 1990’s other breeds were infused into the lines to English Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel.  More information and history of the breed can be found on

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Multi Generation

The highest quality and characteristic are found in the Australian Muti-Generational Labradoodles.  An excellent temperament, very loyal, gentle and friendly personality that is securely established.  A healthy dog due to going to the Australian Labradoodle that was bread from generations of health tested breeding dogs.  Begin with the healthiest English Labradors and European healthiest Swedish Poodles.  Adding a small infusion of Cocker Spaniels for a uniquely nice temperament, luxurious silky soft coat which is guaranteed a non-fur and non-shedding with no body odor.  Highly likely to be allergy friendly. 

Since the 1980’s selective breeding and adherence to guidelines to create the special temperament and healthy genetic qualities are what makes the Australian Labradoodle superior.

First Generation

Breed a Labrador to a Standard Poodles creates a F1 First-Generation. Often with appearance of wavy to wire longer Labrador.  Coat texture is a hair/ lab fur coat blend and feels more like wire terrier dog fur.  Will shed and not hypoallergenic.  Looks, characteristics and temperament are not the same as the Multi- Generations Australian Labradoodles.

Second Generation

Breeding a F1 Labradoodle to a Standard Poodles creates a Second Generation that is called F1B Labradoodles.  Most do have low shedding Coast.  Cost texture is hair-fleece or wool-blend.  Still not the looks and temperament of the Australian Labradoodle Dogs.

Training Your Puppy

Plan ahead what type of training principles you plan to use.  Professional training is encouraged or take the time to educate yourself how to train a puppy.  Praise-reward based methods work well with the highly intelligent Australian Labradoodle.   Your puppy is eager to please you! The goal is to communicate with your puppy the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Start by gathering all household members together who will be working on the puppy training or regularly interacting with the dog.  Exposing puppy to the outside world at an early age is critical.  Everyone needs to be on the same page to support the dog and those who are doing the training to ensure success.  Consistency is key to successful training. Teach your puppy YES and NO!  Give him a “YES” when he does the right thing and a firm “NO” for correction.  “Good Boy” can mean several things, and can confuse the dog.  Remember it’s important in training to be patience, consistent and use praise with reward often!  Put in the time and you won’t regret it.  Spending a few minutes each day training your puppy is so rewarding, and opens communication, and bonding for you and your puppy-dog.  Training should continue through adulthood and beyond as needed.

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