Guardian Homes

We are grateful for our Guardian families that are crucial to our breeding program allowing breeding dogs to live in loving homes as pets. No Hillcrest Doodle will ever live in a kennel!

We may have a puppy available for a guardian home late July 2021 and another possibly December or January.  If you live within an 40 miles of  Visalia California, have a fenced in yard, and a family member who is home most of  the day, we would love to hear from you! Please read about our guardian home program prior to inquiring to be sure you are eligible!  Only eligible families that apply will be contacted.  Thank you for your interest!





Why Guardian Homes are Needed?

Hillcrest Doodles breeding dogs live in our home or the home of guardian families as pets and family members. Every dog selected for our breeding program will be placed in a home of a qualified family where it will receive the attention and companionship of a loving home. We carefully select puppies based on conformation, temperament, intelligence and coat quality to maintain and enhance the lines of the Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle .

Benefits of Becoming
a Guardian Home

As a Guardian Family you will recieve one of Hillcrest Doodles highest quality puppies reserved back for breeding at grately reduced cost.. This puppy will be your family dog and companion. forever!   You will get to participate in a healthy responsible breeding program and enjoy seeing the offspring of your belvoed pet.  We offer 10% Discount on additional puppies purchased as pets.

More About Becoming
a Guardian Home

The puppy /dog is Co-Owned with Hillcrest Doodles with a firm contract in place. We have all breeding rights and selections for our breeding mission. In exchange the  guardian family agrees to follow the conditions set by Hillcrest Doodles while dog is in our breeding program. At the end of the guardian term, when we retire the dog (about 5 years of age), we pay for spay or neutering. Other expenses for the puppy / dog are shared. We pay for health testing and breeding related expenses and the guardian family  pays for general pet and health care.

Requirements & Commitments

Should the dog you receive not be used for our breeding program you receive an enormous discount on the initial price of a puppy.  At certain times during the breeding period the dog is returned to Hillcrest Doodles. Outside of these times, and after guardianship term is completed, the dog becomes guardian families forever pet. We screen guardian homes to select families that are responsible pet owners and willing participants in our breeding program.

Must live within about 30 minutes drive of Visalia, CA.

You allow us to meet you at your home prior to, and occasionally during the breeding program.

You are willing to transport or meet part way when exchanging the dog for breeding and whelping.

Provide a safe environment with a puppy proof home and fenced yard.

Take full responsibility to prevent breeding outside of the Hillcrest Breeding Program.

Provide socialization and regular moderate exercise.

Use in home professional puppy training videos by Baxter & Bella or group obedience training when puppy is four months .

Understand the care issues and responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog.

Feed only high quality balance diet dog food as recommend by us or vet.

Commit to grooming per ALAA guidelines and maintain general hygiene for dogs.

You agree to provide regular health, veterinary care and keep vaccinations current.

Provide us copies of vet and vaccine records for all veterinary visits.

Keep open communication relating to health and condition of the puppy / dog and notify us of heat cycles for females.

Notify Hillcrest Doodles of any contact information changes of phone, email or physical address.

Upon fulfilment of guardian family contract the dog will be spayed or neutered and registration will be transfer from Hillcrest Doodles to guardian family at our expense.


If you would like to participate and partner in our breeding program and willing to meet the requirements and commitments we'd would love to hear from you.